Becoming a Client

Becoming a wealth management client is about much more than dollars and cents.

It’s about discovering the “why” behind your choices, the “what” you want to achieve in the future, and the “how” to get you there. And it’s about collaborating with real people who—more than anything—want to help you succeed.

Talking about money is rarely easy. It’s been said that people are more fearful about money conversations than they are about almost any other topic. Why? Perhaps it’s because money is so utterly personal…and because every one of us has learned specific rules about money throughout our lives. Whether those rules are true or not doesn’t matter. What really matters is the emotions they bring up, and how we feel if we’ve broken a rule (or three).

At Market Street, we believe that thinking and talking about money shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why our first step is to get to know you.

Meet with an Advisor

Hi, it’s great to meet you.

We don’t start with financial statements. We begin where all relationships should—by learning about each other. We’ll meet your family. Talk about your dreams. Learn your aspirations. And we’ll tell you all you want to know about us, too. After all, becoming a client means becoming part of the Market Street family. That’s not a marketing term—it’s how we feel and act and treat our clients, day in and day out.

What’s your big picture?

Now that we know and understand each other a bit better, we can have a simple conversation about money. We’ll ask you to dig up everything you can find so we can tackle your finances with the big picture in mind. In addition to account statements, tax returns, and a list of your accumulated debts, we want to know how you’re spending your money, if you’re budgeting (and if it’s working!), and what you want to change. We may even have some initial insights and recommendations before we dive into the details.

Let’s get deep.

At this point we’ll have a better sense of how we can help you build and strengthen your financial world, and you’ll have ideas to bring to the table too. Now is the time to add anything to the mix we may have overlooked (it happens nearly every time!)—insurance statements, estate planning documents, and perhaps a more detailed view of your spending. From there, we’ll get serious about goal setting. What are your short- and long-term goals? What scares you? What are your financial opportunities? What do you want your money to do for you?

We have what you need: an action plan.

At our next meeting, it’s time to look at a realistic and tangible plan starting with today. We’ll lay out an initial financial plan that includes every piece of your financial puzzle. Your total net worth. Your goals—and our analysis of how we can help you get there. We’ll provide a data-driven retirement projection, and a detailed investment strategy designed to help you reach your goals. Next, your plan will include a review of your insurance (which protects your assets), your income taxes (which can put a dent in your assets), and your estate plan (which should efficiently transfer your assets to your children or charitable causes into the future). By the end of the meeting, we hope to agree to an approach that not only makes sense to us (the numbers people), but feels right to you—in every way.

Of course, that’s only the beginning. From there we’ll make any adjustments that are needed, implement your plan, and be sure you have access to all of your accounts, 24/7, including our team—whenever you need us. Because life changes. And almost every change can impact your finances. Know that from here on out, we’re here for you—as family.

We Can't Wait To Meet You

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