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The people who are important to you are important to us.

Market Street is always happy to schedule a free, no-pressure discovery meeting with any of your family, friends, or colleagues.

We’ll chat about their unique short- and long-term goals, and they will get an overview of our fee-only services and better understanding of what it might be like to start working together.

Telling others that you trust Market Street’s financial guidance is the best compliment you can give us for a job well done.

Refer a friend

Have the conversation

We know that talking about money can be awkward.

Here are some ideas on how to bring up Market Street when someone tells you that they need financial planning help.

Make an introduction

Has one of our advisors helped you tackle a financial issue that a friend, family member, or colleague is dealing with now? If so, tell them about Market Street. We’d love to have the opportunity to learn more about what they need so we can do our best to help them.


Send a text or email to remind them that Market Street offers complimentary initial consultations.

You could write something like:

You mentioned the other day that you were [worried/wondering] about [topic]. Market Street has really helped me, and I think you might benefit from chatting with one of their advisors. They offer complimentary meetings.

You can schedule a confidential one-on-one here:


You might be already working with an advisor, but I wanted to tell you about Market Street. They have really helped me with [topic]. There’s a lot of good information on their website, and I heard they’re accepting new clients now.

Here’s where to go to check it out:

Spread the word

Market Street regularly shares valuable financial insights. Connect with us to keep up to date on what’s new and need-to-know, and share any content you think might help others find financial freedom.

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Thank you for your trust, and thank you for thinking of us

Rest assured that your referral will always be in control. We’ll reach out promptly, but leave it to them to decide if it’s the right time to proceed with a pressure-free, initial consultation.

Refer a friend