Investment Management

If you do it right, investing requires the art of patience. And while that doesn’t mean “setting and forgetting” your portfolio, it does mean taking a disciplined, strategic approach to how you invest your assets and being just as careful about any changes to your approach.

At Market Street, we focus on helping you leverage the investments you have today to help you gain financial confidence for a lifetime. To help you make choices that support that goal, we help you steer past the three biggest risks faced by most investors:


Whether that means helping you hold tight when the market dips or stick to your strategy when the market soars, we are that voice of reason that steadies the ship.

Asset Erosion

The culprits are many. Excess taxes. High Expense Ratios. Lack of diversification. Poor asset allocation. An unrealistic withdrawal strategy. We work with you to build a comprehensive, tax- and cost-efficient investment plan that’s designed to help protect your assets over the long term.

A Long, Healthy Life

Living longer than expected is fantastic—unless you face the risk of outliving your savings. We recommend investment choices to help minimize risk and preserve your assets to give you confidence in your financial future, no matter how long that future lasts.

Every investment management recommendation we make is based on where you are today and where you want to be in 10 years, 20 years, and more. To help keep you on track, we consistently review the asset allocation and performance of your portfolio, and recommend changes whenever change is needed. And we don’t stop there. Because it’s vital that all of your investments are considered and integrated together into your investment strategy, we:

Manage all 401(k), 403(b), pension, and other retirement plans offered by your employer to support optimal asset- and tax-diversification

Deliver a customized investment strategy based on your specific asset allocation

Continuously monitor your portfolio and recommend adjustments based on changing tax rules, economic conditions, and changes in your personal finances

Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and/or consulting services to be provided depends upon the needs of the client and the terms of the engagement. Neither market street, nor any of its employees, serves as an attorney or accountant. Accordingly, neither market street, nor any of its employees, prepares estate planning documents or tax returns.

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